CD’S AND DVD’S: "The Danny Marona Collection" for $99.00

Danny Marona Master Collection

To All Friends and fans of “The Danny Marona Show,”

First let me thank you for all the e-mails and letters that continue to pour in wanting to know what Danny is up to since his retirement. We are proud to tell you that he is busier than ever, (no surprise) with his community involvement here in Twin Falls, ID. Danny’s main focus is his pet project; The Danny Marona Performing Arts Scholarship Fund which has now given nearly thirty scholarships to outstanding students for achievement in the performing arts. He also serves on four different board of directors, teaches a comedy class at CSI, (College of Southern Idaho) and will be playing the role of Tevye in an upcoming production of “Fiddler On The Roof.” In his spare time he still squeezes in an occasional round of golf.

We also wanted to let you know that you can still enjoy the kind of entertainment that only Danny can offer by way of his CD’s and DVD’s. Not only will they provide hours of Danny’s unique brand of comedy and music that you can enjoy, but they are also the perfect gift for most any holiday or for any other occasion and we are making them available for a fabulous price. Until they are all gone you can purchase Danny’s complete set of all eleven CD’s and  two DVD’s including his three favorite shows and Danny’s farewell concert “The Last Laugh” for $99.00 including shipping. This collection originally sold for $215.00.

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Recent News

Danny Marona Performing Arts Scholarship Fund Application for 2009-10 Academic Year Competition

Download the Application

Danny's Dream Becomes A Reality

Years ago; almost forty to be exact, Danny Marona had this crazy dream that talented high school kids could compete before a live audience for college scholarships. In 2007 that dream became reality and in 2009 The Danny Marona Performing Arts Scholarship Fund is understandably proud to have handed out twenty-five scholarships. Marona says the idea for his scholarship fund ignited when he went to watch his ninth grade music teacher (Marilyn ReedyDanny Marona) perform a piano concerto in front of a live audience as part of her Master’s thesis for her degree in piano performance. Says Danny, “I started thinking how neat it would be if high school performing arts students could earn college scholarships the same way Mrs. Reedy earned her Master’s degree.” That idea stayed on the ‘back burner’ for some forty years until Marona retired in February of 2007. “In ’07 when I retired and wanted to do something more than just, ‘smell the roses’ I realized that…(full story)

Danny Marona Performing Arts Scholarship Fund

Danny's recent retirement from the stage has now afforded him the time and opportunity to make the education of young performing artists not only a number one priority but a full time commitment as well. Mr. Marona's knowledge and background as a performer coupled with his relentless zeal and boundless energy are sure to be a winning combination in this most worthwhile endeavor.

However, the initiation of this scholarship fund is only the beginning. Danny says, "It is vitally important that we build something that will take on a life of it's own. And we can only do that by keeping the performing arts in the forefront, thereby creating 'top of mind awareness' within the hearts and minds of all Idahoans." Our founder is adamant in his belief that this scholarship fund must ultimately be able to exist independent of the name Danny Marona. "If we do not achieve that goal," says Danny, "we will have failed." "And I have no intention of failing." Learn more about the Danny Marona Performing Arts Scholarship Fund